"Clarity and action is the key to overcoming fear, gaining confidence, and living a better day." Behrouz is the founder and president of A BETTER DAY GROUP, INC. He is recognized for clarifying philosophy of science in leadership and personal development. Behrouz is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer with a bachelors degree from UCLA and a Masters in Science from USC. He is also the CEO of an engineering group, MOBBIL INC. Providing time/cost and risk management services for government agencies, capital improvements & infrastructures such as San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. 

Behrouz believes in unity and love. His greatest motive is obtaining freedom of the mind and spreading love through the art of doing. His passion for science and love for life led him to explore the laws of physics, where he found parallel associations to the human's mind and needs, PHYSICS.PHILOSOPHY.LOVE is his first product contributing to personal development, self-leadership and growth.